At Berenji & Associates, we are dedicated to providing you with aggressive, but compassionate, representation in all of your family law matters. Our founding attorney, Hossein Berenji, is an experienced litigator who believes that the competence and skill of your legal team should be the least of your worries when you are faced with a divorce, custody dispute or any other trying, family law issue. We understand that the issues you bring to us will often be some of the most sensitive you've ever faced. And that is why our attorneys will always take the time to help you understand the laws that affect you and all their future implications.

By balancing this approach with tough-minded representation, our team of lawyers and legal professionals bring even the most complex, difficult cases to the swiftest, most effective and painless resolutions possible. Our years of trial, mediation and negotiating experience allow us to develop innovative strategies and solutions for every matter on which we work - solutions that take into account each of our clients' individual needs. At Berenji & Associates, you can rest assured that you will get the personal attention you deserve and that your rights will be fully protected.

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Prior to filing a dissolution action on California, one of the parties to the action must satisfy the residency requirements, which specify that a judgment of dissolution...

spousal support
Spousal Support or Alimony is not mandatory in all dissolution cases. The obligation of one spouse to pay alimony to the other is determined on a case-by-case...

Custody Visit
There are two types of custody for children in family proceedings. Legal Custody and Physical Custody. Legal custody deals with legal issues with the minor child...

Child Support
California child support must be based on guidelines. Except for only a limited number of circumstances, the court must adhere to these guidelines. The main factors...

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